WE LOVE paper.
WE LOVE creating and we know you do too.
WE HELP YOU to create your very own,
handmade paper interiors.


Every person has a close emotional connection to paper. Let’s think back to those liberated moments of our childhood, when we drew colourful rainbow doodles with markers on  crispy white paper, then made planes and boats from them. White paper already has endless opportunities in itself, and we also know how much power lies in creating something by hand. Flow of creativity and joy is guaranteed, when the appropriate colours and shapes of your own taste are combined, and suddenly, the finished masterpiece makes your environment more interesting and beautiful. We’d like to invite you to find happiness in discovering the possibilities in creating things from paper during the stressful weekdays. And also to bring back that hidden desire for creativity a little into your lives, even if only for a few minutes. Workshops, DIY packages, designed especially for you.


For those interested in our workshops and similar to us, cannot exist without creating things, we have several different themed workshops available. Please check out our Facebook page for the newest dates and times!


Our experienced team is working on bringing back some of the creative energy into our everydays, we felt was so natural in our childhood. Our workshops, and themes are designed in a way to have a creative afternoon creating together, and all this from paper.  Our DIY packages help you to further personalize and add your ideas to our products at home. Create with us!


Edina Németh

Paper visionary, Founder


Balázs Szabó



Gergő Andorka

Key Account manager


Zsanett Kapinya

Head of production


Péter Mikuska

Graphic design


Máté Bóka

Construction manager


Péter Jakos

Construction manager

  • The ones who have already formed paper with us

    „Everyone left in a satisfied and euphoric spirit at the end of the workshop and I am certain that they proudly gave or showed off their paper flowers to their family members and friends – who must have received them wearing similar expressions of awe! I would say that that is the end of the tale, which had a truly happy end, but be careful! It is so addictive! Ever since my first ‘shop, whenever I am home, it is all that I crave!.”


  • The ones who have already formed paper with us

    „There wasn’t a single passer-by who didn’t stare in through the giant window in awe as we sat there among the many colourful finished and nearly-finished paper flowers. It really was a beautiful sight. All the necessary components for the flowers were grouped on a large desk by colour and form, already cut out and ready to be assembled. The last thing they were waiting for was us to fold, twist, bend and stick them thus creating a perfect composition. “

    Anikó, The tthans bride's


    The ones who have already formed paper with us

    „I think all participants went through the same stages: at first there was general chaos, but after a while, everyone became enveloped in their work and all of a sudden I realized there was complete silence. Not the awkward type of quiet though, but the completely relaxing type, when everyone is so lost in a creative process that they just stay silent. During her workshops, Edina not only instructs, but helps and tells stories too. Her enthusiasm is contagious; you can tell she does what she loves for a living. ”

    Viola Anna Molnár, Vous



If you would like to create along with us, you will find the times and dates for our workshops on our Facebook page under the Events section.
Or please contact us:  info@edinaspaper.hu.

00 36 20 966 8811

Copyright: 2016 Edinas Paper
code: petermikuska.com

Copyright: 2016 Edinas Paper
code: petermikuska.com